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Lehigh Carbon Community College

A state-level competition yielded top-three placements for nine students in Reinhardt’s School of the Arts last weekend. The Georgia NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) event was held at the Falany Performing Arts Center this year. Students of the vocal faculty annually compete in the state event in the fall and the regional competition every spring.

Congratulations to these students of Dr. Rebecca Salter, Dr. Cory Schantz, and Dr. Anne Schantz:

Jared Brooks – 1st place, 4th/5th year Classical

Sydney Smith – 1st place, 1st year Treble Musical Theater

Molly Maresca – 2nd place, 2nd year Treble Musical Theater

Olivia Adams – 2nd place, 3rd year Treble Musical Theater

Gilliane Conklin – 2nd place, 4th/5th year Classical

Melody Lorenz – 3rd place, 4th/5th year Classical

Julian Schwarz – 3rd place in 4th year Treble Musical Theater

Kennedy Davis – 3rd place, 1st year Treble Musical Theater

Danielle Lusian – 3rd place, 1st year Classical

Senior Jared Brooks has won his category for the past three years. His sophomore year he placed fourth in the national semifinals but says the process is more rewarding than success, “Winning competitions is fun, but what I try to focus on the most is something that Dr. Martha Shaw told me, ‘There’s a world of difference between a singer who has something to prove, and a singer who has something to share.’ I have tried to live by that in everything that I do.” Brooks also gives thanks to his instructor, Dr. Cory Schantz, for, “his dedication and time to helping me become the best singer I can be.”