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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Karen Mathews, Director of Vocation & Career Services

Vocation and Career Services assists students and alumni in the career decision-making process by providing developmentally appropriate advice, resources, services and programs.

Director of Vocation and Career Services Karen Mathews provides helpful guidance through all stages of the job search process.

“Vocation and Career Services provides students with assistance in résumé, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interviewing skills,” said Mathews. “In addition, students can schedule one-on-one career advising sessions to develop a strategic career plan.”

Preparing for a career is just as important as finding one, which is why Vocation and Career Services offers assistance in finding internships, interview practice with Interview Stream videos and career training resources through videos, podcasts, and articles. Once you are ready to look for a job, Mathews also works to provide access to career fairs and the College Central Network electronic job board.

Mathews wants students to know that her office is not just open to those who are looking to be employed by the end of their senior year. She hopes to enable students to know themselves and their purpose and does this through resources such as Focus 2 Personality and value assessments.

“We are not here just to help you ‘get a job,’ we want you to know yourself, your unique talents and gifts,” said Mathews. “When you understand yourself, how you are made and the unique purpose for which you were created, you will be better prepared to identify the career path that will bring you a lifetime of satisfaction.”