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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Jordan Hunter ’17

Hoping to expand his opportunities, Jordan Hunter ’17 — a welder by trade — headed down a traditional path toward earning his degree. But, it didn’t work for him.

“Being a full-time worker and father made it extremely difficult for me to attend regular classes,” Jordan said.

That’s when Diane Petty Cagle stepped in.

The associate professor of business and coordinator of Reinhardt’s online Bachelor of Business Administration saw Jordan’s potential and knew he just needed a different format. The online BBA was new to Reinhardt and Jordan was one of the program’s first students. He was able to keep his welding job — one he loved and one that was a family trade — while he earned his degree.

“I can’t state how important the flexibility, online classes, and understanding and qualified faculty were to me. I would have never obtained my bachelor’s degree if it wasn’t for the online program Reinhardt University created. It made a pathway for my success.”

With his degree in hand, Jordan has been able to take his love and talent for the welding trade and teach future welders at Chattahoochee Technical College.

“Reinhardt has excellent teachers with plenty of real-life experiences. Faculty are very helpful and with the expansion of class offerings, such as offering classes in a 100 percent online environment, it now allows for any student a pathway for completion.”