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Lehigh Carbon Community College
Pictured from left: Olivia E. Gunn, Theodore Grosch, Tyler J. Leon, Adriana N. Talkington

Reinhardt University Etowah Valley Writers’ Institute graduate students work one-on-one with published and award-winning writers for two years. The final two weeks of the low-residency Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing program are spent on the Waleska campus, culminating with graduation. Each student became immersed in writing workshops and publicly presented their best work at evening readings alongside esteemed published authors.

Reinhardt celebrates the class of 2024. Theodore “Ted” Grosch, Olivia E. Gunn, Tyler J. Leon, and Adriana N. Talkington received their diplomas on June 23rd, following this year’s summer residency. During the commencement ceremony, Ted Grosch won the Faculty Choice Award for Excellence. He was recognized for his contribution to his craft and for adhering to the highest level of creative writing. Second place went to Olivia Gunn.

“Continue to use your words in meaningful ways,” Dean of the School of Humanities, Sciences, and Technology Dr. Ken Wheeler said to the graduates. “Your powers of writing have been broadened. The world needs your words. Let them come as treasures from your minds offered to a weighted world.” Writer and editor Christopher Noël gave a fictional reading as the featured commencement speaker, further inspiring the promising new authors.