Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team

With students facing high levels of stress in their lives, faculty and staff may encounter students whose behaviors are concerning, disruptive, or threatening towards themselves or others. To respond to the safety needs of the campus, Reinhardt University has established the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) under the leadership of the Dean of Students.


BIT serves as the centralized body for discussion and coordinated action regarding disruptive, problematic, dangerous, threatening or concerning behavior that might impact the safety or well-being of a student and/or the campus community.


BIT responds to non-emergency concerns and uses a proactive approach to discuss potential problems, intervene early, and develop appropriate courses of action for referred students. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others before it rises to a crisis level.


BIT is founded on the principles of early intervention, proactive engagement and planned approach to the identification, prevention, assessment, management, and reduction of interpersonal and behavioral threats to the safety and well-being of Reinhardt University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Emergency Referral

If you or any other person is in immediate danger, call Public Safety (770-720-5911) or 911.

Non-Emergency Referral

Faculty/Staff Member

  • If you are a faculty or Staff member – Log into Eagle360 and then click on Send an Alert on top left side of the platform to share your concerns.

Student, Family or Other

  • If you are student, family member, etc. click here to share your concerns.

The mission of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to promote the safety and well-being of the Reinhardt University community. BIT provides an institutional framework for information sharing and development of support plans for students of concern.