Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Make a difference in someone’s life.

It takes a lot to be a nurse. It requires skill: knowing the human anatomy like the back of your hand. It takes stamina: holidays spent in the hospital and day shifts that turn into long nights. It takes compassion: the ability to welcome new life into the world and hold a hand as life slips away. Nursing is a career that demands sacrifice and demands courage. Nursing is a life that lets you impact countless other lives in the process.


If you feel called to this honorable profession, then Reinhardt University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will prepare you to enter the field and build a long and rewarding career.

Students interested in the BSN program must first apply and be accepted to Reinhardt University. Students may apply to the BSN program in the last semester of completing the pre-nursing curriculum.

Let Reinhardt University help you become the nurse that healthcare needs now.

Reinhardt University Cauble School of Nursing: Purpose

The purpose of Reinhardt School of Nursing is to prepare future professional nurses in both the science and art of nursing. The purpose includes preparing the student to be a nurse who is both caring and compassionate while utilizing critical thinking and clinical reasoning as well as evidenced based therapeutic interventions to meet the health care needs of culturally diverse populations along the continuum of health. In addition, the purpose of the Reinhardt School of Nursing purpose is to prepare the student for the role of the professional nurse in the ever changing climate of healthcare in both the local and global community.

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Area Leader

The Cauble School of Nursing BSN program is the first in Cherokee County, Georgia

Small classes

In the clinical setting, the faculty-to-student ratio is 1 to 6

Powerful connections

Reinhardt’s relationships with clinical sites and hospitals in the area will open the door to additional learning and employment opportunities.


Reinhardt University Cauble School of Nursing: Vision

The Reinhardt School of Nursing will utilize established and innovative educational practices to produce the next generation of nurses grounded in the roles of leaders, innovators, collaborators, educators, researchers and practice experts in providing compassionate, safe, quality focused nursing care.

High-Quality Labs & Facilities

BSN students will utilize the labs and classrooms of our Jasper campus, located at 91 and 121 D.B. Carroll Street in the downtown area of Jasper, GA to gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment. Patient care clinical rotations will be in the metropolitan area of Atlanta.

  • NCLEX Preparation

The BSN curriculum and our nursing professors will help you prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), which is required for your nursing license.

  • Patient-Family Care

In addition to caring for patients, nurses spend considerable time counseling, consoling, and reassuring their patients’ loved ones. The BSN will prepare you to care for others at the bedside and beyond.

Reinhardt University Cauble School of Nursing: Mission

The mission of Reinhardt's Cauble School of Nursing is to prepare students to be competent, caring, professional generalist nurses who are lifelong learners and thrive in providing competent, safe, ethically responsible, culturally sensitive, patient and family centered care in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Reinhardt University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Reinhardt’s BSN has full approval from the Georgia Board of Nursing.

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