Digital Media Arts (B.F.A.)

Digital Media Arts BFA

The Digital Media Arts degree program, the result of collaboration between the faculties in Art and in Communication and Media Studies, provides a Bachelor of Fine Arts for students who desire a career using art and design skills in either creative or managerial roles within the cutting-edge digital media environment. Digital Media encompasses career fields such as advertising, public relations, web design, digital gaming, digital filmmaking and social media development.

The Digital Media Arts program positions its graduates with extensive art and design skills as well as the knowledge of the history, theories and business principles of these industries and competencies in a broad range of communication skills.

This degree program prepares graduates to be competitive candidates in fast-growing career areas and ensures that they possess the comprehensive range of creative and critical thinking skills necessary to continuously adapt to the ever-changing digital media environment.  Graduates with a BFA in Digital Media Arts will be equipped with:

  • Hands-on, concrete skill development in a range of artistic and design techniques in both traditional and digital media (drawing, painting, three-dimensional art, photography, digital art)
  • A wide-ranging skillset gained in courses that provide conceptual skills and understanding about principles of design, color, dimension, etc. as well as an understanding of the history of art and design and of the role of art in culture and society, including a global perspective
  • An understanding of the historical and contemporary aspects of media industries and technologies (including the convergent and emerging digital media industries) and of their role in culture and society, including a global perspective
  • Knowledge of the principles and fundamentals of the advertising and public relations industries in the U.S.
  • An understanding of theories of media and visual culture as well as legal and ethical principles undergirding the media industries
  • Practical pre-professional experience in planning, developing and implementing creative projects, for real or hypothetical clients that integrate both design and project management skills; this will culminate in a capstone and internship experience
  • Skills and confidence in written, visual, technological and oral communication to contribute to the skills needed for entrepreneurial and executive/managerial careers in this field.


Success in achieving the objectives in the Digital Media Arts major are measured in the following ways, all of which are required for graduation:

  • Completion of each course in the major with a grade of C or better
  • An internship in the field at an approved site, under faculty supervision
  • Successful completion of a Senior Capstone experience

Digital Media Arts Faculty

  • T. Brett Mullinix, M.F.A., Program Co-Coordinator
  • Pamela S. Wilson, Ph.D., Program Co-Coordinator
  • Jym B. Davis, M.F.A.