Digital Storytelling

Communication and Media Studies with a Concentration in Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling concentration provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to tell stories across a range of digital media forms in order to pursue artistic or creative/commercial interests for the convergent global media environment (film, television, digital/online, social media). Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, this concentration provides a foundation in media history, theory and criticism while also developing integrated skills in writing, design, technological and oral communication. Through courses in writing/scripting, digital image creation, design, editing, and producing/directing--culminating in a professional internship, portfolio and transmedia storytelling project--students are well prepared to enter a media creation career or to pursue graduate study.

Students in the Digital Film and Video Concentration will fulfill the required General Education Courses and the courses in the Communication Core.

Communication & Media Studies Core: Major Required Courses (24 credit hours)

COM 202 Media & Culture

COM 250 Intro to Digital Storytelling

COM 305 Organizational & Professional Communication

COM 360 Intercultural Communication

COM 230 Research Methods

COM 370 Media Law & Ethics

COM 403 Theori

es of Media & Culture

COM 490 Transmedia Storytelling

Major Electives for Digital Storytelling Concentration (28 credit hours)

A. Media Storywriting: (6 credit hours)

COM 207 Screenwriting

Plus choose one:

•COM 206 Feature Writing

•COM 104/204/304 Multimedia Workshop (need at least 3 credits total)

•COM 306 Integrated Multimedia Storytelling

B. Visual Storytelling: (19 credit hours)

COM 210 Documentary Photography

COM 251 Cinematography

COM 220 Audio Design

COM 310 Digital Video Editing

COM 350 Film & TV Studies (4 credits)

COM 415 Directing & Producing

C. Practicum/Capstone: (3 credits)

Choose one:

• COM 407 Internship

• COM 450 Thesis Project

Major Curriculum: 52 credit hours

General Education Curriculum: 48-50 credit hours

General Electives: 18-20 credit hours (may be applied to a minor)

Total Credit Hours Required in Degree: 120

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the School of Arts and Humanities must present at least 42 credit hours at the 300 or 400 level for graduation. These courses may be taken to satisfy major, minor, general education, and/or elective requirements.