Communication and Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (B.A.)

With optional concentrations in Digital Digital Storytelling and Strategic Communication

The Communication and Media Studies degree program provides graduates with a broad background of knowledge needed to understand today’s global communication context and convergent media environment, including intercultural and interpersonal communication, journalism, film and television, print media, public relations, advertising, graphics and digital media. Students develop integrated storytelling and design skills in written, visual and oral communication along with essential critical thinking, research and leadership abilities. The coursework, culminating in a professional internship, portfolio and transmedia storytelling project, prepares students for professional careers or for graduate study in a number of disciplines.

Alternately, students may select one of the following concentrations in Communication and Media Studies:

"I chose a communication arts concentration for its versatility after graduation. I am still not quite settled on what I want to do, and communication arts allows for movement in my career choices."
Jacklyn Dowda '09

Digital Storytelling Concentration 

The Digital Storytelling concentration provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to tell stories across a range of digital media forms in order to pursue artistic or creative/commercial interests for the convergent global media environment (film, television, digital/online, social media). Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, this concentration provides a foundation in media history, theory and criticism while also developing integrated skills in writing, design, technological and oral communication. Through courses in writing/scripting, digital image creation, design, editing, and producing/directing--culminating in a professional internship, portfolio and transmedia storytelling project--students are well prepared to enter a media creation career or to pursue graduate study.


Strategic Communication Concentration

The Strategic Communication concentration prepares graduates for careers in which they conceptualize, research and execute strategic media campaigns for corporate or nonprofit clients in the global media landscape. This concentration prepares graduates for the professional challenges of building credibility for organizations, creating persuasive campaigns and promoting trust between businesses, organizations and their external publics. Graduates gain critical theoretical and historical knowledge as well as hands-on media writing, planning, design and presentation skills. This curriculum, culminating in a professional internship, portfolio and transmedia storytelling project, enables students to pursue a public relations, social media marketing, media writing or advertising career or graduate study.

Students in the Digital Film and Video Concentration will fulfill the required General Education Courses and the courses in the Communication Core.