Media Arts Facility

McCamish Media Arts Center

Check Out the Production Facilities You Will Use!

You will discover many media production tools in our Communication Department’s wing of the Falany Performing Arts Center, usually called “the F-PAC.” This large building features the McCamish Media Arts Center, which offers:

  • Television Production Studio
  • Digital Edit Lab and
  • Digital Graphic Media workstations
  • Broadcast Facility
  • Classrooms
  • and Faculty Offices

Our Media Arts facilities support our many classes in Visual Communications, including both electronic media and graphic media, as well as courses supporting the PR/Advertising and other Communication major programs, with significant hands-on opportunities to learn by creating projects using the tools of the trade.

"The editing lab was a huge help to me in learning how TV and film production and post-production work. Since Reinhardt has its own studio and master control, I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes and to experience how everything works in broadcasting. These are very useful skills to have in the real world. "
- Jennifer Allred Luedtke '06

Digital Edit Lab & Digital Graphic Media

You can learn and practice your new editing or web design skills at any of our twelve fully-equipped 14 Macintosh workstations (Mac Pros and Mac G5 computers with DVD burners and external firewall hard drives).Enjoy the convenience of dual monitors, VTR’s, DVD/CD burners, removable hard drives, large-screen TV projection systems, film and document scanners and high-speed Internet access (among other great tools). You will also work with outstanding media industry software. Our wide range of options includes:

  • Final Cut Pro HD
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Adobe CS6 Creative Suite including Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks
  • Final Draft
  • Motion
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Color ... and more

Television Production Studio

Our comfortably large TV studio has high ceilings for the excellent overhead lighting instruments and enjoys the industry standard of three high-quality broadcast cameras. Here you can learn skills to be a producer, director, writer, videographer, sound recordist, reporter, technical director – and many more options!

We also have a collection of HD-compatible portable cameras and tripods used in our production classes to allow students the opportunity to shoot digital projects in the field.

Broadcast Facility

Our Control Room is the equipment-loaded headquarters for airing many original TV segments produced by our own Reinhardt students and shown on our magazine-type program RUTV via our campus video network.

Faculty Offices

Our offices are on the same hall with the labs and studios, so you can quickly get a question answered. Our professors and our Production Coordinator, Gene Smith, want to help you be successful. They enjoy sharing their many years of experience in the academic and corporate worlds.

 Opportunities for Student Work-Study

The McCamish Media Arts Center employs a number of students each year through the work-study program to help with all of the audiovisual needs of the Falany Performing Arts Studio. What better way to learn about how to set up, light, shoot and edit a production than to get lots of practice on a regular basis as a student worker?