History Courses

History Courses

Projected Upper-Level History Courses, 2015-2017

Fall 2015

K. Wheeler  HIS 377: American Feminism; HIS 374: History of Georgia
T. Ast  HIS 328: Germany
A. Good  HIS 392: Children and Childhood
J. Good  HIS 498: History of Ireland

Spring 2016

K. Wheeler  HIS 358: America since 1945
T. Ast  HIS 336: Holocaust
A. Good  HIS 390: Topics in Women’s History
J. Good  HIS 342: East Asia

Fall 2016

K. Wheeler  HIS 354: Civil War & Reconstruction; HIS 374: History of Georgia
A. Good  HIS 310: Eighteenth Century Europe
J. Good  HIS 302: Classical Civilizations

Spring 2017

K. Wheeler  HIS 350: Colonial and Revolutionary America
T. Ast  HIS 338: History of Science
A. Good  HIS 320: Nineteenth Century Europe
T. Furnish HIS 498: History of the Middle East