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School of Mathematics and Sciences

Discover your passion. Make a difference. Answer the questions you care about. Learn about yourself and the world around you...

It's Your Path and We Help You Get There.
The School of Mathematics & Sciences at Reinhardt offers you exciting academic programs that build the foundation for a successful future. As a student, you will have the opportunities for hands-on learning and field experiences that prepare you for whatever path you take after graduation—whether it's furthering your education in graduate school or entering a career in your field.

Degree programs are offered in BiologyMathematics, Political Science, Sociology and Psychology, as well as an associate's degree in Pre-Nursing.

Even though the associated fields courses are not part of a degree program, they give you a deeper understanding of a specific area of science.

Faculty Experienced In & Out of Classroom
You can learn from faculty who are experts of their field in the classroom and in the real world. From a molecular geneticist to a licensed therapist, the faculty are committed to your academic success and to challenge you to reach your fullest potential.

Minors Give You a Well-Rounded Experience
Do you want a program to complement your current degree program? You also have the option of minoring in an area of Mathematics and Sciences. You can choose from six different minors, from biology to social science research.

Make Your Biggest Discovery in the School of Mathematics & Sciences. For more information, contact Dr. Jacob "Jake" Harney, Dean of the School of Mathematics & Sciences, at 770-720-9102 or

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