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Parking Permits

All Reinhardt University students, faculty, and staff must have a valid parking permit to park on campus.

Reinhardt Public Safety welcomes students, employees, and visitors to our Waleska campus.  Our goal is to serve the Reinhardt motoring community with courtesy, fairness, and consistency.  We strive to protect the parking privileges of permit holders and believe the community will be best served if all users of campus parking will follow the regulations and guidelines outlined here.  We encourage your comments, questions, and suggestions in keeping with our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure educational environment.

These regulations apply to all persons operating motor vehicles at Reinhardt University and become part of the terms and conditions accepted by all persons permitted to operate motor vehicles on campus. Students, faculty and staff shall not operate or park any motor vehicle on campus unless qualified to do so under applicable State law and RU regulations. For the purpose of these regulations, a “motor vehicle” is a conveyance with two or more wheels propelled by an electric or fuel-burning motor.

In order to facilitate a safe and orderly flow of traffic on campus, Reinhardt University adopts in full all the statutes and provisions of OCGA, Title 40, Article 10, regarding “Stopping, Standing and Parking.” When appropriate, curbs may be painted yellow to designate restricted parking as set forth by Georgia law; however, the lack of yellow curbing or restricted parking signs is not a defense for those charged with violations of State or campus parking regulations. Parking or driving is not permitted on the grass, on sidewalks, in driveways or any other area not designated for parking or driving.

Parking on the Reinhardt Waleska Campus is either designated for visitors or requires the display of a valid permit. The responsibility for finding a legal space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Inability to locate a convenient parking space is not a valid reason for violating parking rules and regulations.  Please refer to the campus parking map for exact locations of specific parking permit designations.

General Guidelines

All University faculty, staff, dining facility employees, students, part-time employees, contractors, vendors or others who regularly park vehicles on Reinhardt property must register their vehicles with Public Safety and display a valid parking permit when parked on campus. Any additional decals will be $15 each. Faculty and staff who use more than one vehicle may register the vehicles with Public Safety and they will be issued a valid permit for those registered vehicles. Registration can be accomplished in person at the Public Safety office or online with the decals then obtained at the Public Safety office.  Decals are not mailed.

  • Employees and students must provide current vehicle registration with their permit application. Vehicle registration information includes: make, model, year, license plate number, state of issue, vehicle identification number (VIN) and color.  Permit holders are responsible for maintaining current vehicle information with Public Safety.
  • All parking permits are the property of Reinhardt University and nontransferable. Permits are to be returned immediately upon termination of or retirement from employment, or at the request of the University.
  • All parking permits must be obtained and used according to Reinhardt DPS rules and regulations. Acceptance of a permit indicates acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the parking rules and regulations.
  • The parking decals are to be affixed to the outside of the vehicle on the driver’s side lower rear window.  If the vehicle has a soft top or removable top the decal may be placed on the lower driver’s side windshield. The parking decal must be visible when placed on a motorcycle. The parking hang tags are to be displayed on the rear view mirror with the verbiage facing the windshield.
  • Occasionally, Public Safety will reserve spaces for special events, which will make them temporarily unavailable to permit holders. We will make every effort to minimize this inconvenience whenever possible.
  • Parking privileges may be revoked or suspended for multiple violations of parking regulations.
  • The person to whom a vehicle is registered or assigned will be held fully responsible for all violations assigned to that vehicle.  When a registrant disposes of or sells a vehicle, the permit should be removed and Public Safety notified so the registrant will no longer be held responsible for citations the vehicle might receive.
  • All vehicles that belong to the immediate family of an employee or student, whether registered with Reinhardt or not, will be considered the responsibility of that employee or student. Any parking violations charged against that vehicle will be the responsibility of the employee or student.

Students are responsible for having the correct parking decal. If a student changes from resident to commuter, commuter to resident or resident to a different resident, they must apply for a new parking decal. Only one current parking decal will be displayed on a vehicle.

All RU students, regardless of campus location, must have a parking decal issued from the Public Safety Office, located in the East apartments, on the Waleska main campus. You may go on-line and register for a parking decal, however, the decal must be picked up in person at the Public Safety Office. Students not attending classes on the main campus, will be registered as commuter students.

There is no authorization for “temporary” parking in unauthorized zones or parking spaces.  If you park in these areas, even momentarily, you are subject to receiving a citation.

Parking Zones

Reinhardt utilizes a Zone Parking system where all vehicles are issued a parking permit and designated a specific parking zone. The zone parking guidelines are in effect 24/7, and ticketing will occur if a vehicle is improperly parked in Zones not assigned to the corresponding lot.

In an effort to provide convenient parking for students, faculty and staff, several lots have been designated as open parking. Motorists are permitted to travel freely between these lots at any time, unless reserved for specific events. These lots include the Baxter Brown Gymnasium Lot, the gravel lot on Grady Street, the Falany Performing Arts and Hagan Chapel Lot, and the Black Box Theater Lot.

  • Resident students will be assigned a specific parking zone based on their residential hall assignments. All residents will need to park in assigned areas only, even when visiting residents in other buildings, going to the Gordy Center or to the Hill Freeman Library or other areas on campus not designated as “Open Parking.”
  • Commuter students are restricted to lots marked for commuters on the exterior of campus, or to the lots designated as “Open Parking.”
  • Faculty and Staff should park in spaces marked as reserved, or in the areas designated as “Open Parking.”
  • Several spaces have been designated as visitor only areas. These are located at the front of the Burgess Administration Building, next to Gordy Hall, and in the rear parking lot designated for Metz employees and visitors. Additionally, visitors are permitted to utilize any of the lots designated as “Open Parking”. Please note, a visitor is defined as a person not affiliated with the University who is visiting campus property.
    • Visitors and guests must register their vehicles and receive a Temporary Parking Permit which will be valid for a set period of time. Decal holders who drive on campus in a vehicle without a decal (rental car, leased vehicle, borrowed) must apply for a Temporary Parking Permit at the Public Safety Office. Visitors specifically on campus to dine at the Gordy Center are exempt from this requirement. The driver is to provide a vehicle description, location where the vehicle will be parked and expected time frame the vehicle will be on campus. The Temporary Parking Permit will be hung from the rear view mirror with the verbiage facing the front windshield.


Other Parking Lots

  • The Isherwood Field House parking lot is a faculty/staff reserved parking lot ONLY. The lot will be monitored closely and closed to all students.  In the event athletic training needs a resident to have temporary access for therapy services, a pass will be issued with a starting and end date by the trainer.
  • The parking areas behind the Paul Jones/Smith Johnston Halls, the Administration Building, the Hasty Student Life Center, the Hill Freeman Library, Dobbs and Lawson-Tarpley Buildings are reserved for Faculty and Staff only.
  • Parking at the Waleska Post Office by students, faculty or staff for the purposes of conducting business with Reinhardt University or attending class is prohibited. Violators are subject to receiving a citation.
  • Parking at the welcome center is reserved for Visitors, Faculty and Staff only.


Impound/Towing Policy

The decision will not be taken lightly , however, an illegally parked vehicle may be impounded without notice, and at the owner’s expense, if it presents a hazard to motorists or is obstructing traffic. Other vehicles subject to immediate impoundment include, but are not limited to; vehicles whose status has reached “Habitual Violator” by having received three or more citations, those parked in marked “Tow Away Zones,” those parked in spaces reserved for specific persons, vehicles that are abandoned or obviously inoperable and vehicles parked on campus during a suspension period. If a vehicle remains in the same space without being moved or is obviously disabled for a period of seven consecutive days without the owner/operator contacting Public Safety with a date the vehicle will be moved; Public Safety will attempt to contact the owner and the vehicle is subject to impoundment.

Although the University assumes no liability for damage or losses incurred as a result of such impoundment, Reinhardt Public Safety officers shall attempt to inventory the contents of impounded vehicle(s) in order to account for any and all valuables contained therein. No officer shall attempt to gain entry for inventory purposes; however, when said vehicle(s) are locked with all windows secured. The legal owner of the vehicle is responsible for all towing and storage charges pertaining to the impoundment.

Reinhardt utilizes Mauldin Body Shop, Inc. of Canton for impoundment services.  Their address is:  143 Butterworth Road, Canton, GA, their phone number is 770-479-4851.  They maintain 7-day a week business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; however, impounded vehicles may be retrieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling their number.

The impoundment fee charged by Mauldin Body Shop, Inc. is within the limits set by the GA Public Service Commission 515-16-15-.03(2) in accordance with GA law, OCGA Sec 44-1-13 which is currently a minimum of $125. If the owner of a vehicle arrives before Mauldin Body Shop has left the premises with the vehicle, they will release the vehicle to the owner once the owner produces the ignition key; however,the owner will be required to pay an operator fee of $50. If the owner/operator is unable to produce the ignition key or the operator fee, the vehicle will be towed to the impound lot.

The pink copy of the Inventory Sheet will be given to the owner/operator of the impounded vehicle after ownership (ignition key) of the vehicle is produced or the owner/operator comes to the Public Safety Office and verifies ownership.  The owner/operator of the impounded vehicle must have the pink copy before Mauldin Body Shop will release the vehicle.

Parking Violation Fees

Public Safety will vigorously enforce Georgia’s “Parking Law for Persons with Disabilities” in accordance with OCGA 40-6-226. Drivers of vehicles parked in spaces designated for persons with disabilities must have a valid license plate or display on their dashboard (in full view) or hung from their rear-view mirror. The official permit must be issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for persons with disabilities.

Students with unpaid fines will be subject to the following sanctions: holds on release of records and degree conferral, and/or referral to outside collections agencies. Please note that if  you have a hold on your records, you must contact the Business Office to get a list of all outstanding fees and fines. Payments are to be made in the Business Office located on the main floor of the Administration Building. Your hold will only be released by the Business Office once a payment has been made. A Hold will not be released unless the above procedure has been followed.

1.  Parking in Fire Lane/Zone $150.00

2. Parking In Handicap Space/Zone $150.00

3.  Decal Displayed Improperly $25.00

4.  Failure to display current decal $50.00

5.  Parking in Reserved Space (Faculty/Staff/President) $50.00

6.  Parking in Yellow Curb/Zone $50.00

7.  Parking in Roadway $50.00

8.  Parking on Sidewalk/Grass $50.00

9.  Parking in Visitor Space/Zone $50.00

10.  Parking out of designated lot $50.00

11.  Parking in Loading/Unloading Zones $50.00

12.  Other $50.00

Citation Appeal Process

In the event a driver who receives a parking citation wishes to appeal the citation based on valid exigent circumstances, he or she may do so by following these procedures:

The Parking Appeal forms are located at the Public Safety Office, located in the East Apartments.  The violator has seven calendar days from the date of the citation to complete the appeal form at the Public Safety Office in order for the appeal to be considered by the Parking Appeals Committee.  The citation fine is automatically sent to the Business Office for accrual to your account.  The Appeals Committee regularly reviews appealed citations to determine whether to approve, reduce, or deny the appeal.  The Parking Appeals Committee’s decision is FINAL and BINDING.  If the Committee elects to reduce or dismiss your citation, your account will be credited for that amount. The Parking Appeals Committee is comprised of Students, Faculty and Staff. The violator will be notified by student email of the decision of the Parking Appeals Committee.

Note: The Lack of Knowledge of the Reinhardt University Parking Regulation is not a valid reason for an appeal of a parking citation. The Director of Public Safety may deny an appeal that is submitted with no valid reason; before being submitted to the Parking Appeals Committee.