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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Prentiss Dees grew up in a salt-of-the-earth family, who played as hard as they worked. When time permitted, he devoured the contents of his local library, often reading two or even three books simultaneously. Summers were spent outside, exploring the verdant bayous of Louisiana. Bored with college, he joined the Navy to see the world. After years of exotic port visits, surviving a Pacific typhoon and massive earthquakes in the San Francisco area, he returned to his origins in Georgia. Professionally, he helped create and mature multiple emerging technologies, earning five cloud computing patents. His time in the military and adventures abroad combined to inspire him to write. His first book, Get Out and Thrive! was a way to assist his fellow Veterans successfully transition back into civilian life. Nowadays, he’s settled in that same southern paradise and spends his time writing, hiking and enjoying the company of his wife and daughter, and Redford, a mischievously ferocious Shih Tzu.