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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Looking for a college degree that supports your passions and prepares you for the future?

Discover your passion. Make a difference. Answer the questions you care about. Learn about yourself and the world around you.

It’s your path and we’ll help you get there.

The 21st century will require workers who can adapt to rapid advances in knowledge and technology. We recognize that meeting the challenges of the future will take more than analytical skills: it will take personal character. Our classes encourage students to consider the ethical and spiritual dimensions of knowledge.

Reinhardt University’s degree programs in the College of the Humanities, Sciences, and Technologies emphasize the skills of life-long learners—skills like critical analysis, problem-solving, verbal and visual communication, and the use of technology for communication.  These skills help our graduates keep up with progress.

We offer you exciting academic programs that build the foundation for a successful future. As a student, you will have the opportunities for hands-on learning and field experiences that prepare you for whatever path you take after graduation—whether it’s furthering your education in graduate school or entering a career in your field.

Humanities Programs

Creative Writing (BFA)

English (BA)

History (BA)

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

Religion (BA)

World Languages and Culture

Creative Writing (MFA)

Sciences and Technology Programs

Biology (BS)

Cybersecurity (BS)

Mathematics (BS)

Political Science (BS)

Psychology (BS)

Sociology (BS)

Sociology – Criminal Justice (BS)

College of Humanities, Sciences, & Technology Faculty

Price School of Education Programs