Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration from Reinhardt University is designed for working professionals from diverse professional backgrounds to collaborate and complete the degree online.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program has been designed for mid-career, working professionals, executives, administrators, managers, and business owners/entrepreneurs. Course work within the degree program includes business essentials, business and society, communications and culture, strategic marketing and buyer behavior, human resource management, economics and forecasting, accounting and finance, ethical and legal issues, strategic management and global managerial leadership.


New students are accepted into online programs every eight weeks. Each fall and spring semester consists of 16 weeks and is divided into two eight-week sessions. The summer semester is fourteen weeks and is divided into two seven-week sessions. Students will take two classes each session as a “Full-time” student for a total of four classes per semester, if student wants full-time status.


Major Required Courses: 51
RHU 101, Online Learning Seminar* 3
BBA 310 Introduction to Business 3
BBA 315 Business & Society 3
BBA 320 Business Communication 3
BBA 325 Leadership 3
BBA 330 Human Resource Management 3
BBA 335 Crisis Management 3
BBA 340 Principles of Marketing 3
BBA 345 Consumer Behavior 3
BBA 420 Survey of Economics 3
BBA 425 Management Information Systems 3
BBA 430 Accounting & Finance 3
BBA 435 Personal Finance 3
BBA 440 Business Ethics 3
BBA 445 Business Law 3
BBA 450 Strategy & Managerial Decision Making 3
BBA 455 Global Managerial Leadership 3
Advantage Free Electives: Approved transfer credit earned from regionally accredited colleges and universities and approved technical/professional training credit. Advantage Free elective deficiencies may be satisfied with other coursework taken through Reinhardt University. 27
Advantage General Education Requirements: 42
English 6
Speech Communications 3
Mathematics - College Algebra or Above 3
Science 3
Social Science 6
Humanities 6
Computer Applications 3
Advantage General Education Core Electives from any of the above areas 12
Total Hours to Earn a Degree 120

*course descriptions are located in academic catalog

The 51-Hour BBA Major Program coursework can be completed in 16 months provided the student has the appropriate General Education and Free Elective credits when entering the program.

RHU101 is required in the first semester of enrollment and must be completed with a grade of “C” or better to remain enrolled in the program.

Textbooks are included in the cost of tuition but additional software purchases for select courses may apply.

All major courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

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