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Healthcare Administration Programs at Reinhardt University

McCamish School of Business & Professions
Bachelor | Online

The Bachelor of Healthcare Administration from Reinhardt University is designed for students preparing for careers as managers in the healthcare sector.

The online Bachelor of Healthcare Administration (BHA) Program is designed for undergraduate students preparing for careers as managers in the public and private healthcare sector.

Course work is intended to develop managerial skills that are applicable to a broad range of healthcare organizations, increasing the opportunity for employment and further professional development.

Reinhardt’s BHA Courses provide:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the healthcare delivery system in the United States.
  • An examination of the special characteristics and requirements of organizations providing healthcare services.
  • The skills and knowledge required in order to function as a professional manager in the field.


This is a degree completion program consisting of 48 credit hours, all of which are offered exclusively in an online format. A total of 120 credit hours are required to earn the degree, 36 meeting Reinhardt University’s general education requirements and 36 as qualified electives. Students will take two classes each session as a “Full-time” student for a total of four classes per semester, if student wants full-time status. Full-time students with no other course requirements outside the major may complete the BHA program in 16 months.

Students graduating with a degree in Healthcare Administration (B.H.A) should be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the structure and components of the U.S. healthcare system.
  2. Identify the key economic, regulatory, legal, and ethical issues currently affecting the U.S. healthcare system.
  3. Master key clinical and managerial terminology and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively about healthcare administrative issues in discussions with healthcare administration professionals, faculty, and other students.
  4. Demonstrate ability to apply management principles to theoretical scenarios in healthcare administration.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and analyze issues and problems associated with changes in the healthcare administration field and to subsequently propose or enact constructive responses.

Healthcare Administration  Classes You’ll Take

  • HCA 300 Advanced Concepts in Healthcare Administration
  • HCA 301 Advanced Medical Terminology for Healthcare Administration
  • HCA 303 Organizational Behavior in the Healthcare Sector
  • HCA 304 Healthcare Law, Regulations, and Ethics
  • HCA 305 Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA 306 The Economics of Healthcare
  • HCA 307 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA 308 Institutional Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Administrators
  • HCA 309 The U.S. Healthcare System
  • HCA 400 Health Information for the Healthcare Administrator
  • HCA 402 Institutional Patient Safety and Infection Prevention
  • HCA 403 Public Health Administration
  • HCA 404 Supply Chain Management in Healthcare
  • HCA 405 The Impact of Regulatory Policy on Healthcare
  • HCA 406 Healthcare Quality Management and Assessment
  • HCA 410 Capstone Course in Healthcare Administration or
  • HCA 490 Healthcare Administration Internship (3-6 credit hours)

Careers in Healthcare Administration


Average annual salary for Medical and Health Service Managers as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Projected job outlook for Medical and Health Service Managers from 2022-32 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Healthcare Administration Program Details

Tuition and Fees

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