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Get Involved in the Reinhardt Alumni Organization

Reinhardt’s Alumni Association does not charge a membership fee. All alumni are automatically members. The mission of this important group is to:

  • promote and support Reinhardt University; and

  • provide alumni with opportunities to continue building friendships with their classmates and other Reinhardt alumni and friends.

Alumni Board of Governors

The purpose of the Reinhardt University Alumni Board of Governors is to help Reinhardt grow and to coordinate activities for alumni. Through alumni and University activities, alumni can stay in close touch with their alma mater. They can also act as University representatives in their own communities by sharing information and offering feedback and suggestions.

The Alumni Board of Governors meets three times a year, including a meeting at the State Capitol to visit with legislators who are Reinhardt alumni or who serve on higher education-related committees.

Alumni Board members are selected each spring to serve a three-year term beginning July 1 of the same year. All alumni are encouraged to make nominations. Because the Alumni Board of Governors is limited in size, not all nominees may be selected for Alumni Board membership.

Current Board Members

President – Ms. Letitia Cline ’83

Vice President – Mr. Luke E. Williams ’18

Secretary – Mrs. Pauline J. Capps ’07

Immediate Past President – Mrs. Amy Saxon Belcher ’99


Mr. Anas N. Altarawneh ’13

Mrs. Andrea Henry Baker ’04

Mrs. Amy Saxon Belcher ’99

Dr. Susan M. Buice ’77

Mrs. Pauline J. Capps ’07

Ms. Letitia A. Cline ’83

Ms. Erin C. Concepcion ’12

Ms. Sandra D. Ferguson-Hooper ’11

Mrs. Jamie Brooke Foster ’12

Ms. Brenda S. Giordano ’80

Mr. Hampton L. Hale ’96

Mr. Travis Johnson ’05

Mr. Tracy Johnson ’06

Mr. Jamieson Exodus Palmer ’16

Dr. Jennifer DeBord Reynolds ’04

Mr. Buckley Colt Wheeler ’09 ’13

Mr. Luke E. Williams ’18



Dr. Thomas J. Yannuzzi, Interim Vice President for Advancement & Community Engagement

Mrs. Dale Morrissey ’76, ’99,  Senior Director, Community Engagement

Mrs. Jessica C. Akers ’05 ’11, Director of Development

More Ways to Get Involved

Love Birds Club

A special club for alumni couples!

What is the Love Birds Club?
The Love Birds Club is a club reserved for couples who met at Reinhardt.

Why should we join?
Joining the Love Birds Club puts you in an exclusive group of alumni who not only earned a degree at Reinhardt, but also found their Love Birds. The Office of Alumni Relations and Giving will feature Love Bird stories and keep you informed of what is happening at Reinhardt University today.

How do we join?
It’s easy! Email us at to tell us your Reinhardt Love Birds Story.

Share the Love!
Help future Love Birds find one another. Give back to the school that helped you find your Love Bird!

Featured Love Birds

Olivia Goodall Bagby ’12 and Caleb Bagby ’12

I met Caleb at the Reinhardt event “Late Night Breakfast” in August of 2009 my very first weekend on campus during my freshman year and his sophomore year at Reinhardt. We spent the entire event talking and getting to know each other along with everyone else. Though I told him over and over again that I was in a relationship, it didn’t stop him from asking me out over and over again, even with the repeating answer of “no.”

Exactly a year later, after seeing each other only in passing around campus during the school year, did I find myself single and once again at “Late Night Breakfast” sitting next to “that cute boy that can’t catch a hint.” Caleb quickly jumped at opportunity to once again ask me out, but sadly, I once again said no. However, this time Caleb wasn’t going to let me get away. We found ourselves both on the school’s Student Activities Council that plans and is required to attend all the school’s major events (I’m still not totally convinced that this was a coincident). He spent the entire “Welcome Week” showing off his charm and genuine sweetness, and this time he succeeded. On September 1st, 2010 we went on our first date, and have been attached at the hip ever since! We got married exactly two years after our first date, on September 1st, 2012, and commonly joke about how excited we are to come back to Reinhardt during graduation in 2062 to celebrate our 50th reunion while celebrating our 50th anniversary the same year!

Baby Eagle Club

Attention New Parents!

The Office of Alumni Relations & Giving invites you to enroll your newborn in the Baby Eagles Club. Would you like to publish your baby’s birth announcement and picture in the next Reinhardt magazine?  Submit your baby’s pictures to 

Your free enrollment includes:

*  Baby Eagle Membership Certificate

*  Baby Cap