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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach

Reinhardt University is dedicated to educating and supporting students from all backgrounds, faiths, orientations and races. In light of current events, Reinhardt will host a series of panel discussions to provide the opportunity for conversation and education surrounding racism.

The present climate of the country is filled with tension as racial injustices locally and across the United States continue to surface in the media. In response to these injustices, the “Reinhardt is Stronger Together” series serves to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and alumni to discuss topics such as the impact of current events, and how racism and inequalities impact our lives, studies and work.

“Reinhardt University is a higher education institution that serves to educate all people and does not stand for the discrimination of any race,” said Dr. Walter May, dean of students. “This series will help us to have open and honest conversations on a number of critical and timely issues with representatives from as many parts of the university and community as possible.”

The series allows a space for participants to exchange information, share personal stories and experiences, honestly express perspectives, clarify viewpoints and develop solutions to community concerns.

“The goal for this series is to propel the University and its community forward as agents of change,” said May. “Together, the Reinhardt Family can and will take steps forward in faith, learning and leading to heal and create a better world where everyone matters and belongs.”

Each session will include a panel of guest speakers that will open a discussion on the topic outlined for each conversation. The first session will take place June 22 on Zoom. Student Affairs plans to host sessions once a month over the course of the next few months. Learn more at