Stronger Together

Reinhardt is Stronger Together

Community Dialogues

Reinhardt is Stronger Together

Community Dialogues

Reinhardt is committed to taking further meaningful, productive action to continue our work towards addressing societal issuesracial justice and equality on our campus as well as in our local, regional and national communities.

These sessions will provide a space to discuss the impact of current events and how societal issues and inequalities impact our livesstudies and our work. We will not treat this as an event, but rather a long-term continuum of engagement centered on listening, talking and learning in order to achieve sustained institutional improvement. Your voices and contributions are essential as we push forward.

Join us for these sessions where we can gather to reflect, meaningfully respond and take tangible steps together to heal, build allyship and take action to towards creating a better world.

Be A Part of the Conversation!

  Time   Date Topic Location
7:00 pmMonday, September 27The Hispanic ExperienceHoke O’Kelley Auditorium, Burgess Administration Building
7:00 pmMonday, October 11Prevalence of Interpersonal Violence on College CampusesHoke O’Kelley Auditorium, Burgess Administration Building
7:00 pmMonday, November 1The Climate Crisis and Our Actions to Tackle the ConsequencesZoom

Session Details

Join us for a dialogue on the experiences of the Hispanic community and the challenges this community has faced and continues to face, as well as insights into how to best support the Hispanic community. Issues that will be addressed will include migration, immigration, healthcare, economics and racism.

Presentation will discuss the issues of interpersonal violence, specifically on college campuses. The focus will be on intimate partner violence (IPV) in honor of domestic violence awareness month (DVAM); however, it will also touch on some sexual violence and stalking since these crimes are often intertwined with IPV. We will discuss the importance of campus response to these issues, as well as the services and resources that should be available on college campuses.

Earth is facing a climate emergency. Although it seems to be a global dynamic somehow disconnected from local level issues, many of our daily actions have much to do with the crisis. Dr. Cadena-Gaitan will share some context about the particularities of the current climate emergency, and will discuss ways in which we can contribute to its solution, by engaging to take action.