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Through diligent efforts and tough decisions, Reinhardt University faced the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and was successful in preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus. As cases continue to slow with the administration of the vaccine, Reinhardt University is beginning to plan for the Fall 2021 semester with a return to in-person classes and activities on campus.

This fall, the University is preparing for more familiar campus experiences thanks to the faculty, staff, students and leadership who did their part in mitigating the spread of the virus.

“Fall semester at Reinhardt University was something of a victory,” said President Mark A. Roberts, Ph.D. “We, as a learning community of students, faculty and staff, returned to campus, persisted in our educational pursuits, modified our behaviors, and employed best practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Indeed, there were challenges! Together, we endured quarantines and contractions of the virus. We juggled our lives, took care of each other, and encouraged one another within those disruptions. We persevered.”

With this success, the campus began to experience a return to the familiar while closing out the spring semester, as in-person Commencement ceremonies on May 7 celebrated current and past graduates who missed out on a ceremony in 2020.

As Fall 2021 approaches, Reinhardt plans to hold a majority of courses for traditional students in the upcoming academic year in person with opportunities for digital enhancement. Health and safety measures will be considered and factored into all decisions. Reinhardt continues to monitor the on-campus and regional impact of COVID-19 to make decisions that reflect current health and safety precautions aligned with the CDC and Georgia Department of Health to protect the Reinhardt Community.

“Changes made to instruction during the pandemic have driven Reinhardt to innovate how courses are taught. As a result, Reinhardt faculty and students have developed powerful and useful skills that support new ways of learning. Still, for traditional undergraduate students, face-to-face instruction and on-campus living are important for social, personal and intellectual development. Face-to-face instruction is especially important for skill-based courses.”

Several initiatives have aided in the detection and prevention of COVID-19 on campus and in the community. Testing centers were offered throughout the year at various times, and Reinhardt obtained tests to offer this service to those on campus. Vaccination clinics have also been hosted on campus in partnership with the Department of Public Health to provide ease of access to the vaccine for those qualifying faculty, staff and students.

“Let us persevere, and finish this race, together,” Roberts encouraged. Reinhardt will continue to update our website with the most current information on COVID-19 policies and procedures. Let’s get ready to return to campus!

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