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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach 

Reinhardt University’s newest Eagles will be welcomed in a new format this year with New Student Orientation sessions held online throughout the summer.

As Reinhardt aims to make the best decisions possible in response to COVID-19, New Student Orientation sessions moved to an online format to ensure the health and safety of incoming students and their families.

In place of the typical SOAR sessions, new students will participate in a virtual version of the orientation programming, consisting of three components: Zooming with SOAR, Flight School and Eagle Talk.

“While the first part of New Student Orientation will be held virtually this year, Reinhardt University is still just as excited to welcome our incoming students,” said Dr. Walter May, dean of students. “The SOAR sessions will serve as valuable time for students to receive information and start getting to know faculty and staff.”

Zooming with SOAR will be held online through Zoom or Microsoft Teams and will allow incoming students to meet groups of students and Reinhardt personnel. Through these sessions, new students will receive important information that will contribute to success as they start their journey as a Reinhardt Eagle.

Administrators and student leaders from departments such as Residential Life, Commuter Life, Athletics and Student Activities will present resources and answer questions. Below are the dates Zooming with SOAR will be held. The schedule is subject to change, so stay updated at

SOAR dates for Freshmen:

Friday, June 12, 10-12 p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

Saturday, June 13, 10-12p.m.  – Zooming with SOAR

Friday, July 10, 10-12p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

Saturday, July 11, 10-12p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

Friday, August 14, 10-12p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

SOAR dates for Transfer Students:

Wednesday, July 8, 10-12 p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

Friday, August 14, 10-12 p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

SOAR dates for Dual Enrollment Students:

Friday, July 17, 10-12p.m. – Zooming with SOAR

Reinhardt will also host virtual SOAR sessions on Zoom that will serve to prepare parents for their child’s transition into the college environment. Parent SOAR sessions will be hosted June 16, June 30, July 14, July 28 and Aug. 11 at 7 p.m. Those interested should email Assistant Dean of Students Jamie Johnston at

Flight School will familiarize new students with Canvas, an online tool used in all Reinhardt University courses. This will be taken as a course on Canvas. Within 24 hours of the Zooming with SOAR session students attend, they will be able to access the course. This course can be taken at the student’s pace, however, must be completed within two weeks.

Eagle Talk consists of three sessions that will allow new students to discuss life on campus with Orientation Leaders. New students must attend all three sessions, known as Blue, Gold and Eagle.

During the SOAR process, students will virtually meet one-on-one with the dean of their school for course schedule advisement. They will also have an individual virtual meeting with their financial aid counselor.

Eagle Bound, the second portion of Reinhardt’s New Student Orientation, is scheduled for Aug. 15-16.