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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Alumnus DeVante Wynn ’16, ’18 returned to Reinhardt for the final RU Leads session of the fall semester. Wynn’s presentation, “The Power of Yet: How Positive Self Talk Can Help Develop a Growth Mindset,” illustrated how thoughts impact success in life. Wynn illuminated the challenges he faced while at Reinhardt and how he overcame them by adopting a growth mindset. He encouraged students to “Focus on three letters – Y-E-T. No matter what you’re chasing, no matter what you want to do, no matter what you’re struggling with, no matter what you can’t figure out — remember Y-E-T. You can do it, you just haven’t figured it out – YET.”

Since graduating from Reinhardt, Wynn has gone on to teach and coach at Temple High School in Carroll County. In 2019, Wynn, along with six other Reinhardt graduates, founded DoWork Impact Group, a community organization that aims to make a positive impact through education, empowerment, and encouragement. Learn more about DoWork Impact Group at

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