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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program has been designed with you in mind. Whether you are mid-career, a working professional, manager, or new supervisor who wants to finish your degree, Reinhardt University offers a pathway that allows you to complete your degree in as little as 16 months as a full-time student. Coursework in the BBA program builds on classes and concepts you learned while completing your Associate of Applied Science at a Technical College System of Georgia school.

  • Classes include leadership, strategic management, strategic marketing, human resource management and more!
  • Classes are taught by instructors with real-world experience.
  • Transfer in your degree-level coursework from Technical College Schools of Georgia.
    • Courses with an MGMT, MKTG, BUSN, ACCT, LOGI, SCMA, PARA, CRJU, or FOSC prefix will typically transfer in as Free Electives credits. Other occupational prefixes will be considered as well.

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Textbook costs $ are included in tuition


Here's how the program works ...

Submit your application online and request official transcripts from all previous schools attended.

New students are accepted into the online BBA throughout the year with a new semester starting every eight weeks. Each sixteen-week semester offers classes in two eight-week sessions. The summer semester is 14 weeks with two seven-week session.

Courses are offered on a rotational basis, so planning is easy. Each semester your academic advisor will send you an updated registration form for classes in the next semester. You do not have to make time to come to campus to register. Registration is handled completely online.

The BBA degree requires 42 semester hours of general education coursework, 27 hours of Free Elective credits, and 51 semester hours of major required courses. A student can easily complete the general education requirements at a TCSG school. Degree-level occupational courses can be used to fulfill Free Elective requirements. The major required courses will be completed through Reinhardt University’s online learning system, Canvas.

Program Pathway

Major Required Courses                                                           Credit Hours

RHU 101 Online Learning Seminar                                                     3 SH

BBA 310 Business Essentials                                                               3 SH

BBA 315 Business and Society                                                            3 SH

BBA 320 Communication and Culture                                                 3 SH

BBA 325 Leadership                                                                             3 SH

BBA 330 Human Resource Management                                             3 SH

BBA 335 Crisis Management                                                               3 SH

BBA 340 Marketing                                                                              3 SH

BBA 345 Consumer Behavior                                                              3 SH

BBA 420 Economics and Forecasting                                                  3 SH

BBA 425 Management Information Systems                                       3 SH

BBA 430 Accounting and Finance                                                        3 SH

BBA 435 Personal Finance                                                                   3 SH

BBA 440 Ethics and Values                                                                  3 SH

BBA 445 Legal Environment of Business                                            3 SH

BBA 450 Strategy and Managerial Decision-Making*                        3 SH

BBA 455 Global Managerial Leadership                                             3 SH

General Education and Free Electives Coursework
Advantage General Education Requirements: Credit

– ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102

Speech Communications
– SPCH 1101

- College Algebra or Above – MATH 1111

– Any degree level science

Social Science
- ECON 1101, PSYC 1101, SOCI 1101, HIST 1111,
HIST 1112, HIST 2111, HIST 2112

-   HUMN 1101, ARTS 1101, MUSC 1101, THEA 1101,
ENGL 2110, ENGL 2130, HIST 1111, HIST 1112, HIST 2111, HIST 2112

Computer Applications
– COMP 1000

Advantage General Education Core Electives
 from any of the above areas

Advantage Free Electives:
Approved transfer credit earned from regionally accredited

colleges and universities and approved technical/professional training credit.


Program Requirements & Notes

  • Course descriptions are located in the academic catalog.

  • The 51-Hour BBA Major Program coursework can be completed in 16 months provided the student has the appropriate General Education and Free Elective credits when entering the program.

  • Textbooks are included in the cost of tuition but additional software purchases for select courses may apply.


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