Price School of Education

So you are considering teaching as a career. What a great profession!


You will have the opportunity to impact the lives of so many students and future community leaders. Talk to any teacher and you will hear wonderful stories of how former students return to share how their lives are different as a result of that teacher's influence. Studying to be a teacher at Reinhardt is a life-changing experience. Small class size will gives professors the opportunity to collaborate with you so you will be successful in making a difference in the classroom, one child at a time.


An Experienced Team Supporting You

At Reinhardt University, our mission in the Price School of Education is to produce reflective, problem-solving teachers who respond to the diversity of student needs through differentiated instruction driven by ongoing assessment and adjustments within a nurturing environment. You will benefit from the efforts of the total Reinhardt family and beyond. K-12 teachers collaborate with us to offer you guidance as you complete field experiences throughout your program of study. In your final field experience you will student teach in your area of specialization and prepare for your first classroom. The classroom teacher you work with will be vital in mentoring you as you experience day-to-day life as a teacher.

11 Programs to Choose From

To give you the specialized training you will need to be successful in today's schools, the Price School of Education offers 11 programs, including bachelor's and graduate level programs. We will prepare you as a future teachers by the age group and subject you will teach. Please see the program listing at the left for more specifics.


A Rigorous Conceptual Framework

The instructional methods in the Price School of Education are based on sound research. The PSOE teacher education conceptual framework establishes the shared vision in preparing educators to work in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 schools and provides direction for all programs, courses, teaching, teacher candidate performance, scholarship, service and unit accountability.

The conceptual framework is built upon three basic beliefs about teaching:

  1. Student differences are understood, appreciated and built upon through respectful, meaningful work in a collaborative, nurturing classroom environment;
  2. Student growth and success are developed through the process of ongoing assessment and adjusted instruction; and
  3. Teachers who are extremely knowledgeable about their subject matter, a variety of wise and flexible instructional practices and multiple options for student assessment are better equipped to adjust the essential curriculum content, their own instructional practices and student assessment options to address learner differences within their classroom.

The purpose of all PSOE teacher preparation programs is to prepare educators who can create a learning community of care and challenge. This purpose is realized through the DATA Instructional Model that describes different approaches for teaching and assessment. The PSOE conceptual framework represents a strong commitment to the preparation of effective teachers who adapt instruction to support students’ diverse learning needs and to maximize student learning.

Are you interested in becoming a Math or Science teacher? Ask about the Noyce Scholarship program!


Alison Attavar, Administrative Coordinator
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