Biology Education

Biology Education

Have you always been interested in science?

Then you need to consider Biology Education as your major. You will take a number of upper level biology courses, such as zoology, plant biology, microbiology, genetics and ecology.  As you enhance your scientific knowledge, you'll learn teaching strategies that work with high school students.  As you develop into a quality science teacher, you'll be confident in teaching high school students and facilitating their science learning.

What You'll Learn:

  • to integrate technology into your classroom.
  • classroom management techniques and how best to support your students' learning.
  • teaching strategies which meet the needs of diverse students.
  • to analyze how your students are meeting curriculum objectives and how to design activities so your students are successful, not only in your class, but also in other classrooms and on state tests.

Field Experience & Clinical Residency

Spending time with real students in the classroom is vitally important in the Price School of Education, so you will have a number of field experience opportunities prior to clinical residency.  A Price School of Education faculty member and your high school science mentor will structure your field experience so that you effectively design lesson plans and then implement them with high school students.  You will reflect on each lesson and determine what you'll do differently the next time.  By the time you reach your clinical residency experience, you'll be ready and confident!

Come join us in biology education.

Biology Education Degree Requirements

Ask about the Noyce Scholarship program!


Dr. Irma Santoro
Biology Education Coordinator