History Education

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in History Education

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Learn from History

Do you crave the need to bridge the historical past with the present? The future can inadvertently be affected by History. Your impact on high school students can have a historical impact on many generations. Learn the love for storytelling through engaging activities.

What you will learn:

  • How to integrate technology into your classroom
  • How to differentiate educational opportunities providing experiences for all students to learn
  • How to analyze data to ascertain the level of knowledge of your students
  • How to assess and apply student assets to increase learning.


Field Experience and Clinical Residency

  • The experiences you gain from classroom observations are immeasurable!

Opportunities for Classroom Experience

As you learn what to teach, you also examine how to teach middle grades students. Reinhardt University faculty will demonstrate effective methods of teaching your chosen subjects and meeting the needs of all your students.  We have found that experience is the best teacher so you will have a number of field experiences.

You will teach middle grades students:

  • in small groups,
  • then the whole class for one class period,
  • and finally multiple classes throughout the school day.

Supported by mentor teachers and PSOE faculty members, you'll reflect on what works, share the results with your colleagues, and explore resources for improvement as you develop into an expert teacher.

Consider teaching for your career!


Tami Smith '81, Interim Dean
Price School of Education

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Office Phone: 770-720-5659
Cell Phone:  770-547-0709

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