Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology

The Biology program at Reinhardt University works to link the patterns of the natural world to the processes responsible for those patterns.

Do you ever wonder about such questions as:

  • What forces and pressures are actively involved in changing, sculpting and developing our planet?
  • Does our high instance of wasted energy and power spell trouble for the next generation?
  • Do plants and animals adapt constantly to the environmental changes or does something else play a role in the interactions that keep the life cycle in a perpetual state of change?


Then you need to discover the biology program at Reinhardt. Biology majors can select concentrations that will help them learn the skills and knowledge necessary for pre-professional programs including: pre-dentistry, pre-ecology, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy and pre-veterinary. The B.S. in Biology provides students with the education to be experienced biologists, as well as broad-based scientists. The B.A. in Biology provides students the opportunity to be biologists with the flexibility to add other majors or minors to their programs of study.

Small Classes
With our small class sizes in biology, we foster active learning using the methods of scientists and medical professionals.

"Hands-on" Experience
Biology courses are tailored so you get valuable hands-on experience. Students have participated in such experiences as: taking an inventory of all birds on-campus, dissecting various types of animals, and surveying fields to discover the correlation between woodchucks and kudzu.

Independent research is highly encouraged, and a number of current students and alumni have become published researchers in their field of study.

Expert Faculty
Do you want to learn about genetics from a geneticist? Do you want insight on reptiles and amphibians from an expert?

The biology faculty is also experienced in the field and in the classroom.

What is the job outlook for this major
While there will always be a need for bright, energetic, and educated individuals with a strong understanding of biology, employment opportunities vary depending on the status of local and national economies. Job growth is expected in many areas, biotechnology and molecular biology in particular. Business leaders have begun to create more science and technology jobs. Also, federal government agencies charged with managing natural resources, such as the Interior and Agriculture Departments and the Environmental Protection Agency, are expected to grow. For more specifics, please see

Make an Important Discovery
If you want to study the fascinating world we live in and one day make a difference, then the biology program at Reinhardt can help you make those important discoveries.

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Dr. Zach Felix
Biology Program Coordinator
School of Mathematics and Sciences