Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Biology (B.S.)

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and Pre-Pharmacy (Concentration)

Preparation for medical, dental, and pharmacy schools is oriented toward molecular biology. Additional
math (Calculus II), psychology, sociology, and microeconomics are also useful.


Courses required from General Education Curriculum- 50 credits
CHE 180 General Chemistry I (with lab)
ENG 102 Composition and Literature or 103 Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
MAT 121 Pre-Calculus
PCS 120 College Physics I (with lab)

Major Required Courses- 25 credits
BIO 120 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (with lab)
BIO 202 Introduction to Plant Biology (with lab)
BIO 260 Introduction to Microbiology (with lab)
BIO 280 General Zoology (with lab)
BIO 300 Biology Seminar
BIO 320 Genetics (with lab)
BIO 360 Principles of Ecology (with lab)
Major Electives (recommended) 15
BIO 340 Cell Biology (with lab)
BIO 410 Immunobiology (with lab)
BIO 440 Biochemistry
PCS 122 General Physics II (with lab)

Associated Fields- 19 credits
CHE 182 General Chemistry II (with lab)
CHE 380 Organic Chemistry I (with lab)
CHE 382 Organic Chemistry II (with lab)
MAT 103 Introduction to Statistics
MAT 221 Calculus I

General Electives- 11 credits

Total Semester Credits Required in Degree- 120