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RU Leads - Your Campus Resource for Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

Any student can be a leader in some way or another so a variety of avenues for skills building is offered. RU Leads seeks to empower students to develop lifelong leadership skills that can be utilized within diverse educational, social and business settings.

In alignment with the Reinhardt University mission to educate the whole person, RU Leads, sponsored by the Office of Vocation & Career Services, is excited to extend invaluable leadership knowledge to students that can apply to all areas of life, from personal to professional, from in class to on the field. Whether you are a senior looking for tips on how to enter corporate America after college, or a commuting sophomore looking for a unique event on campus to attend, we encourage you to learn about the world of leadership through RU Leads.


RU Leads - Fall 2021

Tues, September 21 | 7 pm Can You Hear Me Now?: The Way Leaders Listen An engaging session focusing on simple but critical tips about how to effectively communicate using active listening skills. Hoke O’Kelley Auditorium, Burgess
Tuesday, October 12 | 7 pm A Guide to Extraordinarily Meaningful Work Here’s an irrational idea for you: work doesn’t have to be boring, monotonous, or just a means to an end. Its supposed to be an opportunity for you to come alive, discover your gifts, express your talents, and participate in blessing others through what you contribute. Let’s explore together this idea. Hoke O’Kelley Auditorium, Burgess
Tuesday, November 17 | 7pm Growth Mindset: Why It’s Needed for Successful Leadership What is the #1 predictor of whether you will be a success? There is one critical ingredient — a growth mindset. Look behind the curtains of any successful organization and you will find an exemplary team leader who has adopted a growth mindset. The #1 predictor of a successful leader has to do with whether the leader has adopted a growth mindset and let go of a fixed mindset. Hoke O’Kelley Auditorium, Burgess

For more information or inquiries about RU Leads contact career-services@reinhardt.edu.