Student Government

Student Government Association

In its pursuit of educating the whole person, Reinhardt University encourages student participation within all realms of the campus community; the University strives to include the Student Body in the development and advancement of the institution. Student self-government plays a significant role in shaping the quality of student life at Reinhardt University. Established in 1957, the Student Government Association represents all segments of the student body and is organized to help formulate and voice student opinion regarding University policies and to allocate it’s funding to appropriate committees, programs, projects and student organizations.

Role and Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Government Association is to ensure student participation in the university decision-making process, which helps to voice the needs, concerns and rights of each student and ultimately works toward the advancement of the university community.

The Student Government Association utilizes the organizational and advocacy experience and other experiential learning activities as a vehicle for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Community/Civic Engagement
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Management and Appraisal

Learning Outcomes

As a result of serving in organization leadership positions, students will:

  • Enhance their transferable skills through leadership programs, training and development opportunities.
  • Articulate of the importance of good citizenship and how they can impact their community through involvement, service, and leadership.
  • Develop self-reliance and self-confidence through fulfillment of roles and responsibilities.
  • Maintain personal health and wellness in potentially stressful environments. Learn More about the Executive Board >

How to get involved

Executive Board

The Student Government Association Executive Board exercises executive power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the executive branch of Student Government Association. The Executive Board presides over Student Senate meetings and forms and initiates general policy of the Student Government Association. Learn More about the Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the following:

  • Student Body President
  • Vice President for Administration
  • Vice President for Student Activities & Chair of the Student Activities Council
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Chief of Staff
  • Rules and Regulations Chair
  • Residence Life  Chair
  • Commuter Life Chair

Student Senate

The Student Senate exercises legislative power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the Legislature of Reinhardt, developing and sponsoring legislation for the betterment of the institution. Learn More about Student Senate >

Judicial Council

The Judicial Council exercises judicial power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students, including the power of sanctioning individuals; it is the Judicial branch of Student Government Association. Learn More about Judicial Council >

Student Activities Council

The Student Activities Council (SAC) exists as the programming and event-planning arm of the Student Government Association. Learn More about Student Activities Council >

Student Government Association Applications


  • Funding requests should be submitted well in advance of the event to the Student Government Association, using the Funding Request Form.