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Theatre Programs at Reinhardt University

School of the Arts
Bachelor | On Campus

The Theatre Studies B.A. focuses on all aspects of theatre production—acting, directing, technical design, and literary analysis—and includes a strong emphasis on the history of performance art. Students will be prepared for careers requiring people with the ability to write and speak, to think creatively and independently, to understand the great complexities of the human condition, and to collaborate with others on group projects.

What You’ll Learn at RU

The Theatre Studies B.A. focuses on all aspects of theatre production—acting, directing, technical design, and literary analysis—and includes a strong emphasis on the history of performance art. 

By the time you graduate with a degree in theatre, you will develop:

  1. Acting Technique: Mastering various acting methods and techniques to convincingly portray characters on stage or screen, with a deep understanding of character development, emotional range, and physical expression.
  2. Stagecraft and Technical Skills: Acquiring practical knowledge of stagecraft, including set design, lighting, sound, and costume design, as well as proficiency in technical theater skills such as stage management, prop management, and theater safety protocols.
  3. Script Analysis and Interpretation: Developing the ability to analyze dramatic texts, understand subtext, and interpret playwrights’ intentions to bring depth and authenticity to performances.
  4. Collaboration and Ensemble Work: Cultivating strong collaborative skills through ensemble-based training, group rehearsals, and ensemble performances, fostering effective communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving abilities.
  5. Performance Preparation and Audition Techniques: Gaining practical experience in auditioning for roles, preparing audition materials, and developing effective audition techniques, as well as honing skills in resume writing, headshot preparation, and interview strategies for pursuing professional opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Theatre Classes You’ll Take

Here are just a few of the theatre classes you will take while pursuing your degree:

  • Theatre Practicum
  • Acting
  • Stagecraft
  • Elements of Theatrical Design
  • Introduction to Directing
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Theatre History

Careers in Theatre


Average annual salary for fine and performing arts careers as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Average growth for art directors as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

A degree in theatre prepares you for graduate work as well as a variety of careers including:

  • Actor/Actress
  • Director
  • Playwright or Screenwriter
  • Theatre Educator
  • Theatre Technician
  • Stage Manager
  • Casting Director
  • Drama Therapist
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Art Journalist

Theatre Program Details

Tuition and Fees

Reinhardt’s affordable tuition helps you get the personal attention and real-world experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the  job market.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly all students at Reinhardt University receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. Find out what options you may be eligible for.

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations and activities round out the total educational program at Reinhardt University. And there is something for everyone, from sports and outdoor recreation, to student government and leadership opportunities, to multicultural and faith-based groups.

Campus Living

Living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and will help you adjust to college life. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with faculty and friends, get involved in activities, and have easy access to classes, the library, performing arts, recreational, and athletic facilities.