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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Heart of Academics at RU

At Reinhardt, it all starts with you. You deserve an education that supports and challenges you to develop your whole self.

From exceptional faculty and small class sizes, you’ll experience accessible and personalized education with individual attention on your interests and goals.

Explore Programs by School

If you’re not sure exactly what you want to study, but have a broad idea of specialization you want to explore, you may want to search our academic programs by school.

Academic Support

Accessibility Services

The Academic Support Office (ASO) helps foster inclusion by breaking down barriers for any student needing more dedicated academic support. The variety of services offered to Reinhardt students through ASO aim to help students achieve their academic goals and succeed in college-level work.

Key services include:

  • Learning and accessibility accommodations
  • Autism spectrum support
  • English as a second language (ESL) classes
  • International student support

If you need assistance to thrive, our advisors are here to support you.

International Student Learning Support

The Academic Support Office (ASO) also helps international students with academic support, including offering English as a second language (ESL) classes.

Tutoring and Advising

Whether you need help with tutoring, communicating with professors, scheduling, acquiring textbooks, or understanding Canvas, the Center for Student Success is here to support you.

Our advisors are available to work with you one-on-one to help you develop the skills you need to overcome any academic challenges you may face.

First Year and Online Learning Seminar

First Year Seminar is a course that can help you transition into college life. Here, you’ll discover how to engage in deep learning, cultivate confidence, and gain life skills that will be invaluable for your future.

You’ll also become part of the university community through academics and activities, while making a difference in the world. During your four years of college, you’ll thrive, not just survive.

Library and Learning Centers

Need to research information for your academic classes? The Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center should be your first stop. Resources are available online and in person.